Becoming a Licensed Practitioner in Motivational Maps

Help your clients get into consistent action with ease, and love it!

Making a difference to our clients and those around them, is something that every coach strives for. You will be amazed at how quickly your clients will be able to make decisions on what they want to do and what they don't with this simple to understand yet deeply insightful tool. Using this tool right at the beginning of your coaching with a client, integrating it in the intake pack, will enable you to create rapport so much quicker as you will understand what drives your client and what doesn't. Your client will be able to set much better goals and clearer plans to achieve them.

What's different about the maps

Great reasons to add them to your toolkit

  • Conversations and relationships

    The best thing about Motivational Maps is the quality of conversation that they generate between you and your client, your client and their team, in fact at all levels. The simplicity of the maps and the language used and the positive approach to all the motivators, leads to significant, authentic, impactful conversations at record speeds. And those are the best if you are looking for results.

  • Become accredited in a tool that measures motivation

    Motivational Maps is the only proven tool on the market that measures motivation. In fact, we truly believe that it is the missing link when it comes to engagement, individual performance and team performance. The results are measurable, credible and believable - in fact our clients often ask us if we have a crystal ball.

  • Insightful and actionable

    Psychometric tools are great for self awareness, and yet notoriously difficult for your clients to put into action. Motivational Maps creates greater understanding behind the letters, colours and numbers in other tools and makes it easy for people to take action and create lasting and authentic changes.

  • Motivation drives performance

    Learn how motivation is what is needed to drive performance, to help individuals , teams and organisations achieve their goals.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

    • Welcome and Introduction

    • Introduction to the Licensed Practitioner in Motivational Maps training

    • Course Content

    • Links for closed facebook group and Slack

  • 2

    1 - What is motivation?

    • What is motivation

  • 3

    2 - Approaches to Motivation

    • Video 3 - Introduction to Dan Pink's Drive

    • RSA Animate - Drive

    • Video 4 - Exploring Drive and the motivators

  • 4

    3 - Where did the maps come from

    • Origins of the maps

  • 5

    4 - Maslow, Schein and the Enneagram

    • Maslow's hierarchy of needs

    • Link to Maslow

  • 6

    5 - The Motivators - Relationship Motivators

    • Licensed Practitioner Manual

    • Relationship Motivators

  • 7

    6 - Achievement Motivators

    • Achievement Motivators

  • 8

    7 - Growth Motivators

    • Growth Motivators

  • 9

    8 - The magic pieces you will be using for preparing and giving your feedback

    • Key documents for feedback

  • 10

    9 - Navigating the back office

    • The back office

    • Back office recording Feb 18

  • 11

    Next steps

    • Congrats!

    • Handouts for the live course