Are you asking yourself any of these questions

  • What do I really want?

  • Am I in the right job?

  • How do I deal with senior stakeholders?

  • How do I get to the next level?

  • How do I not struggle with the people stuff?

  • How do I change the way I'm perceived?

  • How do I handle delivering AND all the people stuff?

  • How do I transition successfully into a new position or new industry?

  • Where can I find a supportive community which can help me get the answers I need to move forward?

Then welcome to the Rising Leaders' Circle

Because leadership is a journey not a destination

This is a powerful, interactive and supportive community designed to help ambitious professionals tackle the challenges of leadership by providing guidance, support and a community of peers that powerfully shapes your future. Through the Rising Leaders’ circle, you will gain the clarity and confidence to take the steps forward in your career and your life that you want to take, becoming the role model you want to be and that others need.

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Hi! I'm Sonia Gavira

and I've been working as a leadership coach for nearly 20 years and I've lead teams of all shapes and sizes, virtual, non-virtual, and across just about every time zone for longer!

Some of my greatest learning has come from making the biggest mistakes and I expect to make more as I go, otherwise I won’t be stepping out of my comfort zone and there’s no learning in the comfort zone! I will share my learning so that you avoid the mistakes I made and will help you step out of your comfort zone in order to grow. My dream is to build a community from which the next generation of leaders emerge. A community from which a new model of leadership will emerge, one that will serve us and move us forward as organisations, communities, countries – you name it! And a community where you will find the support, guidance and challenge that you need to move forwards in your professional and personal life. I've been coaching and training leaders and managers in large global corporations and in SMEs for nearly 20 years now. I am a qualified coach, member of the International Coaching Federation, a Master Practitioner in NLP, a master trainer and have had a career in Marketing and Strategy. All of which I can put to use in helping you. You won’t just be learning from me though, as I have built an amazing network of professionals and educators who I'll call on to share their wisdom and their support and advice as you need it. So if you want to be part of growing this community, if you want to get the support, challenge and learning you need to get clear and get confident, click on the link below, and join us. See you inside the Rising Leaders’ Circle!

Membership includes

  • Monthly live webinars on leadership and management topics and questions, recorded for you to access at your leisure

  • Downloadable presentations and supporting documents for each monthly topic with video, audio and transcript files available to suit your learning style

  • Q&A plus live coaching opportunity every month

  • Your choice of topics so that the learning is relevant to your needs

  • An additional live Q&A session mid month to answer any of the questions that may have arisen as you practice the new skill

  • Free motivational map and online guide (sells for £99) to help you understand what drives you, what energises you and others helping you make career decisions and increase your performance and that of your team

  • Free private Facebook or Slack group where we can support each other

  • First to try out any new online courses

  • Monthly special newsletter to include book, video and podcast recommendations

  • Discounts on one to one coaching programmes with me

What people say

“I spent 3 months working with Sonia and feel I have matured 3 years in that time. She has helped me explore my thoughts and feelings more and has helped me to understand how I was relating to people at work, and more generally. This has enabled me to tweak my style and to be more confident in my approaches with people and the decisions I make. I feel I know myself better and this has made a huge improvement in my work and personal life. I am really looking forward to continuing my learning with Sonia.”

Justine Flatley, Senior Manager, Reuters

“She made me realise that if I try to be someone else (no matter how successful they are), I would fail!”

Hiam Hatoum, Manager BNP Paribas

“Sonia's passion and ability to lead a team through training is amazing”

Helen Molloy, Director Forum Jewellers

“I spent thirty intensive minutes with Sonia today and gleaned more from her input and insights in thirty minutes than I can honestly imagine gaining from a weekend workshop! ”

Emma James

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